A guide to walking Ingleton Falls

A couple of weeks ago, I had a lovely day out at Ingleton Falls. Since then, I’ve seen loads of people I know posting on social media that they’ve also been there. I’m hoping they’ve all been inspired by my blog post!

I thought it might be useful to give some top tips about doing the walk itself, particularly if you’re a bit scared of the 1,000 steps and 8km tag line.

Getting there

By far the easiest way is by car. The postcode for satnav is: LA6 3ET. It’s signposted once you get close. The car park cost is included in the entrance fee. It’s £6 per adult, though there are family discounts.

The trail: Basics

Yes, the trail is 8km. And yes, there are 1,000 – not very even – steps. But it is doable, even if you’re not very fit, I’m certainly not. Allow 4 hours for the entire walk, but don’t forget you might want to stop to take photos  – a perfect cover to getting your breath back – or even to have a picnic. We did it in 3 hours, and I’m the slowest walker in history. Honest.


We had a good brunch before we left, as we were focusing on making sure it was a 2FOR20 day. From the car park, it’s a short walk in to the village where there is a small supermarket if you wanted to buy provisions for the route. There are plenty of cafes, too, where you can fuel up beforehand, or relax (with cake) afterwards. When we visited, we did the walk late-on in the afternoon, so by the time we arrived back at the village, not much was open. Perhaps this may be different in the summer.

There is also a refreshment room at the car park itself, plus one half way around. The mid-point offering has plenty of picnic benches and looked brand new, though again it wasn’t open. I’d suggest that might be the better view of the two, though.

Mid-way round the trail (and perfectly timed we thought!) is an ice-cream van. While it looks a little out of place among the hills and sheep, it was the perfect place to restock on water and also have a sneaky little sugary treat to keep us going.

The original ‘Mother of Dragons’ looking equally as stylish…


I’ll hold my hands up now – I’m not a proper hiker. Not in the sense of owning trousers that zip off at the knee when it’s warm, and I don’t own a fleece. They’re just not me. Nor was I doing the trail in a little Zara play suit and sandals. They’re not me either.

When you’re doing any kind of long walk you do want to be comfortable though. I went in a pair of black gym leggings – stretchy enough for climbing, squatting to take close-up photos of flowers and not too restrictive, like jeans would be. I also layered a vest and long sleeve shirt over the top as it was quite chilly when we left. This was fine. I’ll be covering my walking outfits in another post soon!

We took a small backpack – a little canvas one that was given away free with copies of The Guardian at Glastonbury. I find the bigger the bag I take anywhere, the more utter rubbish ends up in it “just in case”. There’s just enough room for two jumpers and a couple of bottles of water. Oh, and my waterproof. No, they’re not glamorous, but if you’re thinking of doing any kind of walking in the UK ever, you’re going to need one.

And You’re Off…

There you have it. My top tips for walking the Ingleton Falls trail. If you’ve done the trail and have any top tips of your own, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Peter Fittock
    July 11, 2016 / 5:42 pm

    Take alcohol with you, there are no pubs on the route!

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