Why I’ve not been social media active

Did you know you can follow along with And She’s Off through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? I do have little sharing buttons dotted around the site, so please do give them a little tap with your mouse (do people still use these?!) or whatever you use as a cursor – I’d love you to get in touch!

You may have noticed, though, that my social media game has not been strong of late, and I wanted to just let you know I’m not being lazy, or still in shock post Game of Thrones ending. However, there are a couple of good reasons why I’ve been neglecting letting you know there’s new stuff to read.

Firstly, there’s work. Yup, I have to earn pennies just like most of us. My working hours are nothing short of insane at the moment: 50-60 hours are standard. And that’s without any hours working on the blog, or hustle for freelance work. So while I’ve been getting posts up, I’m not getting them out there. Sorry. I’ll get better. I’ll drink more coffee. Sleep is for wimps. (I’m such a wimp).

The second reason – tissues at the ready – is we recently lost our beloved bunny, Tilly. She was a feisty madam, and I’m not sure who adored her more, The Great Dane or our mad moggy. It was very sad, very sudden, and I’m hoping very pain-free. She had her two favourite boys with her at the time, as I was at work (see point one). As well as dealing with our sadness, we’ve had to try and cheer up a grieving cat who cries for his favourite play buddy. If you’re not an animal fan, it can be hard to explain how utterly crap it is to lose a pet. For a week or two, I wasn’t really in the mood to do much, I just wanted to look after everyone, so things fell to the wayside.

An odd way to show their love!

An odd way to show their love!

But I’m going to make much more of a social effort. After all, if you’re taking the time to visit and read the blog, the least I can do is tell you there’s something new to read.


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