And you’ve been where?!


Well hello there. It’s been a while, eh? I definitely owe a huge apology for going awol towards the end of the summer and now, wait, we’re at the end of November. Blimey.


So where have I been?

Life. Yup, the age old excuse of “life stuff” getting in the way. And since July it’s been a pretty hectic couple of months. I know that doesn’t instil a lot of faith in my ability to tell you all the cool adventures you can have on the cheap in the UK, but stay with me and I’ll reveal (almost) all.

First thing: work. Avid readers will know I was working literally a gazillion hours in hospitality. But no more. I loved – correction – love working with wine. I love the tasting, the educating, the proving to people it’s not as snooty as some make out. But I didn’t love general service. My job had changed a lot since I first begged for a shift with no hospitality experience whatsoever; and yes, I know you have to take the rough with the smooth, but the wine side was dwindling. Plus, the antisocial hours left little room to see friends and family who do the ‘normal’ 9-5, and it’s difficult to spend quality time with The Great Dane when I’m rolling in at 2am and up and out again a few hours later. It was a really tough call, but it was the right decision to bring about a more balance life. I seriously miss my work buds though.



I’m currently doing a bit of temp work in addition to my freelance copywriting, though the latter has taken a bit of a backseat at the moment as…

I’ve gone back to school! My second bit of news is I’m month two in to a full time Masters degree in English. I’ve always wanted to do a MA, but courses have never really been inspiring enough to part with four grand of my hard earned cash. Until now that is. My course covers a really broad spectrum of literature, film and art and I’m thoroughly loving it. It’s such hard work, though, and so unlike my BA or PGCE – you simply can’t get away with bare minimum. And I’m so mentally exhausted from re-training my brain academically. In a good way, of course.

Studying Hard

Then there’ve been the visitors. Which is no way a complaint. We’ve been lucky enough to be showered with visitors over the last few months in The Great Dane’s family and some of mine, who’ve all come far and wide to see us. It’s been lovely to spend time with people we don’t see enough of and so my offline time has been seriously increased.

Oh, and we have kittens! My dream of being a crazy cat lady has finally been realised. Long story short, we were looking for a female kitten to keep Pumpkin company after his BFF Tilly passed away. We were seriously messed around and let down by a rescue centre and ended up hearing about a rather unsavoury pet shop selling kittens. Normally I’d never advocate this, but no checks were done and the place was so less than suitable, so it still felt like we were rescuing them. There were only two kittens left – so The Great Dane snapped them both up as he dreaded to think what would happen to them otherwise. Pumpkin hates them both. But Arrietty is determined to be his friend. Whether he wants to be or not.

Kittens doing an MA



There has been time for adventure, though. The Great Dane planned an ah-may-zing August bank holiday break that could be done any time of the year – or broken up in to chunks. And we caught a bit of culture in the North West. I’ll upload the posts in the next few days in case you’re looking for a little wintery adventure.

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  1. November 28, 2016 / 9:26 pm

    Good to see you are writing again, although don’t blame you for the silence. Your MA sounds interesting – enjoy! Looking forward to reading your next few travel related posts 🙂

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